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epanie pyramid tea bag machine working sample demo tape

This is English Black Tea sample/ 80tea bags per 1min

Please e-mail normanpkg@gmail.com
all about the inquiry

This new machine, we can make pyramid tea bag by coffee and long tea leaf .
all possible with World Wide after service.


epanie corporation - tagging machine / 에빠니코퍼레이션 - 태깅머신

epanie corporation tagging machine - It's a machine that manufactures tea bag fabric.
에빠니코퍼레이션 태깅머신 - 티백을 생산할때 사용하는 티백원단을 만드는 장비입니다


Dimensions: 1180(W)x730(D)+580x1650(H)
Weight : 400Kgf~
Power : 1 Phase 220V-3Kw
Compressed Air : Dry Air 5(bar) - 250L/Min
Capacity : Max ~70 Tea/Min
Filter : Nylon , Non Woven Fabrics, PLA
Sealing : Ultrasonic Horn

Epanie pyramid tea bag machine working sample demo tape

Please send e-mail If you need information. World wide service guarantee. normanpkg@gmail.com

Best regards,




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