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Seoul Apartment Tour 2020 // Korean Loft Tour // New + Modern One Room Officetel

This is a new and very modern loft style officetel in the heart of Seoul, Hongdae to be exact. This one room korean apartment is TINY, but super functional and cute!!! But OMG it's a little expensive if you want to stay. Korean apartments are all about using space saving techniques and this loft officetel definitely hits the mark! Enjoy the apartment tour and be sure to follow Black Women Abroad's new podcast!

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The Suitcase Designer : Would you want to live here?!?
Anna A97 : I knew it was going to be a good one when she said bye to BTS at the beginning haha thank you for another lovely tour!
The Generations : I like lofts, they are cute! The main issue for me is being a person who pees frequently at night. I like all the storage here, though.
Nida X : I guess Korean apts are usually designed for us shorties lol I'm 5"3 and this is the first time I'm seeing a downside of being tall (5"7). Such a fun and informative video as always! The decoration is really pretty and simple, and the loft actually has a lot of storage despite its size because of the smart design, which is amazing
Janvier : What a wonderful place! I love seeing different apartment types that are not in Europe ❤️

$450 Korean apartment tour l new officetel in South Korea

Hey guys! So this is a full tour of my apartment in South Korea. This kind of apartment is called "officetel" here and it has a pretty common layout. It's around 25 square meters and perfect for one or two people. I tried to be thorough but if you have further questions you can leave them in the comments below and I'll try my best to answer! Hope you guys enjoy!

#livinginkorea #apartmenttour

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Adrienne Hill : SIS, your apartment is goals! hoping to move into one similar to this next year!!
horses4555 : Dude that’s huge for $450 a month.
Hwa Y Boo : If only American apartments could be this price-- or be this nifty
Krista G : I've been watching many apartment tours recently and your apartment is one of the nicest with the cheapest rent. Love how the shower is separate from where the toilet and sink are
annadale arakelyan : percy jackson and the olympians is one of my favorite series! happy to see someone else appreciating the story

Korean Officetel Tour | Vlog 124

#Officetel #오피스텔 #Korea #SouthKorea #KoreanApartment #MixedUse

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